Mountains and Volcanoes

Hi Year Six,

Welcome back. A busy term ahead of us this term finding out all about mountains and volcanoes. I have already seen some brilliant work from Chehab, Lewis, Layla and Daniel and am looking forward to seeing what everyone else came up with in their projects over the half term.

I bet you are all looking forward to your week in Llledr I hope you all have a wonderful time and show everyone how brilliantly you all work together.

Mrs. Comber

Welcome back

Hi Year Six,

Welcome back to a new term in year six. This year is flying by and before we know it you will be getting ready to move onto High School. I am really looking forward to this term and learning something new alongside you. Our topic is Why was Ancient Baghdad important. We are going to be finding out about what happened in Baghdad during the Golden Age (the Dark Ages in England) we will also be finding out about the Islamic faith and how they worked together with people from other faiths and cultures to advance civilisation at the time. I look forward to finding out about what your research has taught you and any personal experiences you have of the Islamic faith.

Anoushka has already brought some things in for us to look at. I’m hoping she will add some writing to tell us what they are and why they are special. (Picture to follow)

Mrs. Comber


Healthy Body – Healthy Mind

Welcome back,

This term we are going to be looking at how amazing our body is and how we can look after it. I know that you have done lots of research already and will be eager to share your amazing facts so now’s your chance. What did you find out about our body that astounded you?

Hopefully by the end of the topic you will be able to tell me how to stay healthy and look after myself and maybe even cure me of my addiction to chocolate.

Mrs. Comber

Your Work

Well Year Six we have come to the end of our first term in year six. I hope you have enjoyed  what we have done and that you have learnt something that you didn’t know before. You have worked incredibly hard and I want you to share some of the work that you have done with everyone else. Choose what you think is your best piece of work and post it on our blog. Can’t wait to read it.

Mrs. Comber

Welcome to your last year at St. Paul’s year six.

Hi year six, another year together and your last year at St. Paul’s. Lets make it a year to remember. For our first term back we will be looking at the second world war. I know you have all been researching hard and will have lots to share about what you have found out so now is your chance to share it.Evacs

What do you think is happening to these children? Can you imagine what it must have been like for them and their families? Write a few lines about what you think it must have been like.

Mrs. Comber

This could be…

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